Brainy Maths In School

The school programme offers excellent value for money, is straightforward to run and can easily be adapted to meet the needs of individual schools.

See below for just some of the options available to schools:

Staff Training & Support:

An initial phone consultation will set out the areas of priority for the school and agree a time frame.

An inset can be arranged to introduce the programme to staff and summarise the research behind it. Staff will have time to try out and familiarise themselves with a selection of the activities.

Guidance can be offered on child selection and possible assessment methods if required.

Ongoing support will be available for a lead member of staff via email or phone conversations.

Child Sessions:

Staff will receive 8 separate packs each covering a different area of number. Packs include:

  • The number skills being targeted
  • The cognitive skills being exercised
  • Opportunities for adapting activities to ensure optimal level of challenge
  • Resources needed

Click to see a sample of the Brainy Maths activities

Staff can use the materials as a 10 week intervention programme with a group of targeted children or they can use the activities as part of their maths planning for whole class and / or small group tasks.

Home Learning & Parent Workshops:

Parental involvement is a key aim of Brainy Maths as we believe this is crucial to raising achievement in maths.

A parent handbook is available in PDF format with instruction sheets for fun and easy to follow games split into 8 different areas of number. These can be printed or emailed and used for home learning tasks that will help embed foundational number skills.

In addition to this, our trainers are available to run parent workshops where families will learn a selection of the games and reinforce learning taking place in school. Alternatively, resources can be provided for schools to run workshops themselves.